Albert + Sergal - Sergal Gestió Ramadera - Alta genètica porcina
 I am Albert Salla, administrative officer of Sergal.
Albert + Sergal
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Albert + Sergal
Albert Salla - Sergal


I am Albert Salla, administrative officer of Sergal.
Me + Sergal

Sergal gives me the opportunity to continue my education and to learn from the world of work, despite my youth. In the company I am part of the administrative department, where I deal with the company costs, the invoicing and the internal programme management.
Sergal in short

Sergal is a company that is evolving really quickly in this sector; it is a point of reference for swine genetics, with many future projects in mind. Sergal seeks to be an innovative company, because it wants to offer a unique and high-quality product to the clients.

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